White Square Sequin Lace Overlay

White Square Sequin Lace Overlay



  • Achieve dazzling luxury at events with our Square Sequin Lace Overlay. With a beautiful guipure lace pattern crafted through an intricate embroidery process to create a unique texture and sparkle.

  • This sequin studded lace is the pinnacle of classic femininity and rich elegance.

  • Top linens with these stylish overlays to showcase glimmering sophistication at weddings or special occasions

Available sizes:

  • 72” x 72” Square will fit on a 60” Round table, with a drop of 6” on the sides and 21” at the points.

  • 85” x 85” Square will fit on a 72” Round table, overlay will just touch the edges of the table with 15” drop at the points.

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